Inaugural William Wallace Day Lübeck

It was great to be able to introduce the first William Wallace Day in Lübeck Scottish Film Evening, and to give people in Lübeck the opportunity to see the famous letter from William Wallace himself. A big big thanks to Frau Stubenrauch, Restoration Manager at the Lübeck Archives for taking the time to share the letter and her expertise.

Over 30 people were there for each film – there were a few articles of tartan on show, and we even had a native of Stirlingshire, Ewan, who grew up and studied in the shadow of the Wallace Monument no less, and who is now a resident of Lübeck. People were particularly engrossed by the issues in Anthony Baxter’s great documentary film, “You’ve Been Trumped”, with a passionate discussion afterwards, which carried on into the whisky tasting with our friend Leon.

Leon is passionate about whisky, particularly following a recent visit to the island of Islay. Perhaps this evening has inspired him to take his interest in whisky further. In fact, Leon is offering another tasting evening in Lübeck soon…click here for more info.

A big thanks too to Vitter Thiessen, Manager at Koki, for running with the idea of a Scottish film night. Kommunales Kino Lübeck has said that the William Wallace Day Scottish Film Evening will now be an annual feature in their programme, every 11th October.


wallace day_liane

Liane welcoming everyone to the inaugural William Wallace Day Scottish Film Evening.


wallace day_letter


Antje Stubenrauch from Lübeck Archives with Vitter Thiessen from Koki, and the William Wallace Letter, complete with Wallace’s seal.


wallace day_leon

Our friend, Leon Schuster, introducing a variety of different Scottish whiskys for tasting.


wallace day_whisky

The tasting…Leon was very busy!


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