William Wallace Day – Koki Kino, Lübeck – Saturday 10th October 2015


William Wallace Day 2015

An evening of Scottish Film, Culture and Whiskey

Samstag 10 Oktober 2015

Koki Kino, Lübeck

(6pm und 8.30pm)

(click here for German version)

Do you know the connection between Lübeck and Scotland? It may not have featured in the Hollywood film Bravheart, however on 11 October 1297 William Wallace, the then people’s king of Scotland, composed a letter to Lübeck and Hamburg. In the letter he declared Scotland’s ports were open for business following the recent success in the battles with England. The Lübeck letter is now legendary as it is thought to be the only remaining document written by Wallace and bearing his personal seal.

The re-opening of ports and establishment of trade links with Europe was very important for Scotland. Ships from Lübeck and Hamburg provided the main means for transporting Scotland’s valuable raw wool to the lucrative textile markets in the Low Countries.

The Scots who have been living in Palingen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, namely Liane Cumming and Michael Cooper are keen to raise awareness of the letter through organising William Wallace Day each year. This marks the anniversary of the letter through a celebration of Scottish culture. This year the celebrations will takes place at an event in Lübeck on Saturday 10th October.

The event offers the chance to hear more information about the letter, a unique showing of 2 Scottish films and of course there will be whisky on offer too. This all takes place at Koki Kino in Lübeck. This year a new William Wallace Day design by the Edinburgh based illustrator Stuart Bremner will be featured and available to buy in various products and formats.

The films for this year are Gregory’s Girl (1981) (20.30) from the famous Scottish director Bill Forsyth (also Local Hero) and We are Nothern Lights (2013) (18.00) from Nick Higgins.

ggThe classic Gregory’s Girl (20.30) tells the story of a bored Scottish teenager in ‘New Town Scotland’ as he becomes besotted by a girl in the School football team, turning his life upside down. A wonderful “coming-of-age” film. In 1981 the film appeared in an Edinburgh cinema con-currently for no less than 3 years, marking a modern day record. See trailer here.

we are northern lightsWe are Northern Lights (18.00) on the other hand is Scotland’s first crowd-funded documentary. There are 121 co-directors who bring together their respective self-portraits of Scotland today by expressing their lives, hopes and dreams onto the screen. A chance to see Scotland’s humour, beauty, tolerance and resilience through the eyes and thoughts of the ordinary people who live there. See trailer here.


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